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Is Winter a Good Season for the Real Estate Market?

"What have we all heard about the seasonality of selling real estate?  Typically, everyone believes the spring and summer to be the best months to sell a home.  While that may be by and large true at a national level, that's not always true in areas like Princeton and can vary by year.  

Real estate markets vary for many reasons.  There are socioeconomic influences, politics, climate, interest rates and other factors that can make selling your home a smart idea in your area.  Here in the Princeton area, we have many desirable communities like Hopewell, Lawrenceville, Pennington and beyond.  People relocating to the area or even moving within the Princeton area will be looking to purchase homes here no matter the time of year.  Why?  Things happen.  Job changes, relationship changes, births, deaths, you name it.  These things don't always happen in the spring and summer.

Right now, while the number of homes on the market in Princeton remain lower than demand, even winter can be a great time to showcase your home and find a buyer!  We're still seeing some homes come on the market and sell in hours if not days.  Will this be the case for your home?  That will always depend upon how you price it, how its stage and how it's marketed.  That's why when you're ready to sell its important to select a Realtor who knows how to do just that.  Be sure to ask what their "average days on market" stat is.  You'll want to work with someone who understands pricing, staging and marketing in a way that moves your home fast and at a great price.

Check out what SimplifyingTheMarket has to say: Top 5 Reasons to Sell this Winter. Want to know more based on where you live?  Reach out to Dave at 609-423-9147 or for your free home evaluation today!"

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